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If you have general questions like:

Proper maintenance and lubrication of my clipper/trimmer/blades or scissors

What is the best tool (clipper/trimmer/blade) for my application

How do I put on and take of my detachable blades

I am having issues with my blades not cutting

I am having an issue with the performance of my tools (clipper/trimmer/blades)

Maybe need some guidance on how to rectify an issue you are having or some advice on what may be causing the issue.

Purchase as many 10 minute blocks of time you feel will be necessary as you discuss these issues with our Factory Authorized Andis-Lister-Oster-Wahl technician. This will enable you to get the best performance out of your tools.

Disclaimer (We are offering general knowledge and guidance. We do not give technical advise nor step by step instructions on how to repair or sharpen tools.)

We will contact you by phone at our earliest available appointment from phone number 858-277-3615.

NOTE- Please put in special instructions on you order the topic(s) to be discussed.




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