Kasho Captain Titan Mild ProTouch Blades KBCT15

  • Model: KBCT15
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These blades, while having our unique “MICRO-GUARD”, still offer incredible sharpness and longevity. The Micro-guard allows the barber a special blade for those with more sensitive skin, without sacrificing the accuracy of a straight cut-throat blade. For hairdressers looking into getting a straight razor for haircutting, these blades are the perfect training wheels; the “micro-guard” will allow you to have the precision of cutting with a straight razor while offering a safety feature for you and your client.

The special dispenser and self-contained disposal system allows the user to insert/dispose of the blades without having to touch them.

Each blade goes through the PINK (Plasma, Ion, New process by Kai) process which gives the edge a more acute angle for exquisite performance and durability





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